Scottish Education Awards

 Scottish Education Awards 2007

Click on the link below to see a film showing the award ceremony hosted by Sally Magnusson.
Here is what they had to say about us on the day:
Woodhill Primary works hard to raise awareness in pupils of the wider world in which they live and to celebrate and respect the cultural and ethnic diversity represented within the school and local community. The school actively seeks to equip pupils to counter cultural bias by enabling them to develop informed views and attitudes and to broaden perspectives by appreciating different languages and cultures.

Links with schools in Trinidad and Tobago, Norway, France and China enable pupils to communicate and learn about different cultures. Trips for pupils and teachers to Norwegian schools and a recent week long educational visit to Paris have provided practical opportunities for pupils and teachers to practice languages and see other cultures first hand. Woodhill Primary truly has a global outlook.

The Award Ceremony
When we arrived at the City Halls I was really excited and nervous. Some other pupils and I had been chosen to represent our school at the Scottish Education Awards ceremony. I felt very excited when I heard we were nominated for two categories (that meant we had more chances of winning).
As I sat in my seat I started to sweat. Then Sally Magnusson announced that Woodhill was 1st for the International award. I felt so proud when we walked onto the stage to get our award.
Afterwards we went to the grand hall for lunch. For starter we had plums and melons. Then we were served some lovely pork sausages and potatoes. And for dessert we had chocolate mousse with ice-cream. For a reminder of our fantastic day, we were given some goodie bags.
When we got back to class every one asked "What did you do?" and "Did we win anything?"
Sadly I didn't have time to answer all their questions so I told them all about it the next week.

Emma P6